Falckoner ABC

At Falck we take pride in our six strong corporate values; accessible, reliable, fast, efficient, helpful and competent. This set of norms help us in our daily operations let that be in an ambulance, on the road, or at our desk in the office. Our values connect us and lead the way in tough situations. Our job is to help people all around the world and living our values helps us to be better at that every day. Every candidate for a Falckoner position has to possess a strong understanding of the Falck values.

Falckoner ABC

We believe that beside our general values, the Falckoners as fresh graduates must also possess what we call the Falckoner ABC. We believe that these three simple features describe our future colleagues and help them achieve a long career in Falck.

Accelerate Change: You are ready for change. You continuously act as frontrunner and role model for other employees. You are curious of new ideas, innovative and able to challenge existing systems.

Build Relationships: You can build up sustainable and long-term relationships with empathy and natural interest in other people. You work independently, but you are also a very good team player always seeking other perspectives and best practice among your colleagues.

Contribute to Business: You are passionate about your work and committed to understanding the business and delivering the best possible results.