Why Us?


At Falck, we help people and save lives. That’s our thing. Every day, we help thousands of people in more than 30 countries all over the world – and we want you to join us in our mission.

Be part of optimising Falck

Falck is currently undergoing a business transformation, which enables graduates to be part of a major turnaround creating a more optimised, standardised and structured business.
We are therefore seeking general profiles that are highly adaptable to work on a variety of change projects. We promise it will not be an easy job, but we also promise you will get a steep learning curve and experience great personal development. So if you are up for the challenge, Falck could be the place for you!

Your talent matters around the world

Falck is present in 35 countries all over the globe, and we will not limit you to only one. As part of the Falck Graduate Programme, you will live and work 8 months outside of Denmark during one of the three rotations. We also give you the opportunity to stay abroad afterwards if it matches our business needs, and your career path and specialisation journey.

We design the programme around you

Every one of us is unique, with different interests, talents, and ambitions. Keeping that in mind, we will design the programme around your competences and ambitions with individual career development activities that include cross-functional and international projects that support Falck’s business needs. Our target is to develop you into an attractive employee in Falck so that we are able to offer you a full-time position by the end of the programme. We want you to bring your innovative mind-set, energy and integrity into our business. Our aim is to bring out the best in you and make you excel within your field of expertise. Hopefully, you will also want to stay in Falck for a long career with lots of exiting development opportunities and responsibilities along the way.

A great graduate position comes with great responsibility

At Falck we value your talent and determination. We will count on your opinion and responsible decision making from the very first day of your programme. You will participate in key projects and face challenging situations where we expect you to make your own choices and contribute to the outcome.
We want to give you real responsibility and value your hard work; therefore, you will get the chance to present findings to the Executive Management team already at the end of your first rotation.

A person to count on

Every sailor needs a good captain in their early days. We will give you exactly that by assigning an experienced member of our team as your mentor. This mentor will help you grow both professionally and personally and will supply you with all the guidance you might need during the two years as a Falck Graduate.