About the program

The Falckoner Programme is a two year long comprehensive programme that exposes you to several areas of the Falck organisation. You will be involved in three rotations periods – 8 months each – out of which at least one will be in and one outside of Denmark.

In each rotation the Falckoners, will conduct field studies where they spend a day in operations to experience the first line of our business, such as driving ambulance or helping out our colleagues in Roadside Assistance.


I. The Basics

In the first rotation, Falckoners get a solid understanding of Falck, its values and culture. They work in the centre of the organization in Denmark, but on a global scale.

The Falckoners work on a business project together in a group.

• Understanding Falck
• Working on a global scale
• Group project


II. Going International

In the second rotation, Falckoners need to acquire throughout knowledge of our operations and our customers. We send our Falckoners outside of Denmark to experience different cultures.

During their time abroad, they individually work on a country specific business project.

• Understanding Operations &
• Working in a different culture
• Business project


III. Specialize

In the final rotation, we expect the graduates to start exploring their fields of expertise let that be in or outside of Denmark. The Falckoners operate on a specialized field or position.

In the last rotation Falckoners work individually on a specialized project which they present to Executive Management.
• Understanding area of personal
• Working in a specific field
• Specialisation project

The ideal Candidate

We are not looking for candidates on predefined tracks. We would like you to see different job functions from Business Development to HR to IT. Keeping that in mind, we would like you to have a generalist profile, be curious, and be able to go out of your field of expertise.


Throughout the 2 years of the programme, the Falckoners will receive continuous education aligned with the official Leadership Framework of Falck.

Learning modules:



Know your strenghths and limitations



Learn about Falck Leadership



Be a successful project manager



Know your customer and use it to drive innovation