Hands on – The Falck Global EVP Project

One of many exciting aspects of being a graduate at Falck is the chance to work together as a graduate team on a real-life project, which will contribute to Falck’s journey. It is a great opportunity for us, as graduates to combine our knowledge gained during university and the practical experience each of us has been absorbing since we started at Falck in September. It’s definitely right to say that we all have been looking forward to know the focus of this year’s project, while being aware that Falck is going through a major transformation journey. Having said that… the waiting time did not pass by without us having a few small brainstorming talks to try to guess the focal point ourselves before it was officially presented to us 😊

The kick-off and the project topic introduction

The project topic was introduced to us during a half-day session, where we had a chance to meet the Project Owners and part of the Steering Committee. To brief you a little about the topic, Falck has defined an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) as part of the current brand revitalization. With an already defined strategic direction and playbook, our role now is to craft a roll out plan and develop a few deliverables from it. It is vital for us to keep in mind that Falck is a global company and ‘one size does not fit it all’. Thus, our role is to create a global plan built on local needs.

Overall, the meeting was a great opportunity to talk to the key stakeholders and to pose our initial questions, ideas, as well as concerns in an informal environment. To wrap-up the session, we presented our first draft of the Project Plan, as well as our turns as a project manager for each month to assure that each of us will have a chance to be in charge.

On the journey

We are now one month and one SteerCo meeting into the project. What I must say, time definitely has no mercy – it is a fast-paced journey full of good discussions, mutual knowledge sharing and most importantly good laughs! We are full speed on into the focus phase, which in our case means conducting internal interviews with different country HR directors to better understand the business needs globally. Additionally, we are doing our research externally to gain some inspiration from other companies and to hear their journey, success stories, as well as major challenges, that could help us to bring new ideas to the table and to finalize the scope.

Working as a team

As one of my colleagues previously wrote here we had a great 3 days Personal Development Course, during which we deep-dived into our personal Enneagram personality test. This positively contributed to our team dynamics from the start and helped us to schedule the Project Managers roles😊 Also, the previous batch of graduates gave us an insight of their major challenge – time management. Taking this into account from the very beginning, we planned out and scheduled our meetings way in advance, to avoid any miscommunications on that while moving forward.

Overall, it’s a fantastic opportunity to develop as an individual and as a group. I am looking forward to tracking our progress and to the final presentation to the Executive Management in April – I will keep you posted on that!


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