Personal Development Workshop

After our first five weeks of getting to know Falck, our own departments, the graduate program, and each other, Maria Alm, Head of the Graduate Program, treated us with a 3-day workshop on personal development. When I saw this in our schedule I immediately thought “Not only a workshop but a three day get away already in our second month – how great!” I was really excited about it but when the workshop came closer and we were asked to do a personality test I realised that I wasn’t entirely sure what a three-day personal development workshop would actually mean. Getting back my test results from the test called the Enneagram didn’t help either – 23 pages about types, sub-types, strengths, weaknesses, centers of expression, wing influences, lines of tension and release… What is all this about?

I got more and more curious about it and was happy when we finally arrived in the small town Rødvig in a cozy hotel close to the water. After a nice breakfast Maria started giving us an introduction into the Enneagram and what it is all about. Unlike most other personality tests it does not only analyze your behaviour and builds your profile accordingly, it rather takes into account what motivation you have in general and what fears they stem from. Admittletly, this all still sounded very odd, but after listening to Maria talk about different fears and profiles for some time and reflecting about people we know that could be a certain type it all became much clearer.

The next morning followed with some exercises and after the content heavy first one and a half days we used our free time to do a little field trip to the Stevnsfort Cold War Museum. Once having been a nuclear proof underground bunker, the fort itself was interesting to see and clearing our heads for some hours and not thinking about personality types and Enneagram numbers was a nice diversion. The way back to the hotel was used for a 1:1 walk & talk. While talking about our personal development plans and getting ideas and feedback from each other Cornelius and I explored the surrounding area, discovered an old limestone quarry, and enjoyed the beauty of the coastline.

Later that afternoon Jakob Just-Bomholt, EVP Falck Ambulance, visited us for a fireside chat about Falcks journey, his career and expereinces, some advice, and tons of questions. It was a great pleasure to talk to Jakob not only about his professional career but also be able to ask him personal questions that he answered open and honest.

On the last morning we did the for me most surprising exercise of the three days – the reflection team. While the whole set up seemed weird at the beginning, after having been through it I have to say I couldn’t have been more surprised. The exercise was intimidating, emotional, insightful, interesting, fun, and uncomfortable at the same time. I am really looking forward to the next time we will do this as a team as I feel it really helped getting to know each other better and grow stronger as a group.

But equally important, apart from all these exercises and learnings, we had a lot of fun in the free time we had and not only shared delicious meals together but got to know each other. The time was well spend doing yoga together in the morning, eating too much cake in the afternoons and drinking some wine and playing games in the evenings.


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