Getting Settled

Our first two weeks as new graduates were fun, fast-paced, and full of learnings and nothing has changed since then. Our third week as graduates in Falck started early Monday morning at different regional ambulance stations where we all had a 12-hour ambulance shift and thereby our first chance to experience the frontline.

My shift started at 6:30am in Roskilde and I was paired with two paramedics who quickly gave me a thorough introduction to the station, the ambulance and all routines in a shift. After a quiet morning at the station with no emergency calls we were dispatched for the first time and once we were out, we did not have a quiet moment for hours. Throughout my shift I experienced everything from full-speed 170-180km/h emergency situations with patients being in serious need for immediate treatment to less dramatic situations with patients suffering minor injuries.

After a somewhat busy day we returned to the station where we did not receive any calls in the last couple of hours and instead the time was spent socializing and playing table tennis. At 7pm the shift ended and on my way home I finally had the chance to digest and comprehend the experiences I had during the day. My two key takeaways from the day were the level of professionalism experienced, and the unique comradery present. No matter what type of call we were responding to the paramedics were incredibly empathetic, calm, diligent and respectful. There is no doubt that the caring reputation Falck has stems from people’s experience with all our frontliners and after one day in an ambulance I understand why we enjoy this reputation. Secondly, I have never shook so many hands in one day before. Every single ambulance staff that we met that day were greeting me like one of their own even though they had never seen me before. The unity and comradery was overwhelming and it is easy to understand why most of our staff has been with the company for so many years.

My office for the day!

After the ambulance shift I returned to my normal department. My first rotation is in Commercial Management in Falck Assistance Nordic (FAN) where I work closely together with our Product Managers, Marketing and our Sales Channels. My first assignment has been to create a Go-To-Market process showcasing the various steps we have to plan and set targets for before we roll out our commercial activities for the coming quarter(s). It has been really interesting to be thrown into the commercial engine room and try to understand how all of our products and initiatives translates to actual sales and increased value for Falck. We have already taken some big steps towards building a best practice and a clear framework, and even though we have positive feedback and buy-in from the organization it will take time to implement. We are however confident that this will positively improve the commercial performance in FAN.

The next graduate activity in our schedule was a meeting with our CEO in Falck, Jakob Riis. We all prepared lots of questions and even had a conversation the day before about what to wear for the meeting. Prepared and looking as sharp as possible we went to the meeting asking all the questions we had prepared for Jakob, both related to the journey Falck is on, his past experiences and him personally. As the open and honest person Jakob is he answered everything and it was an absolute pleasure to get the opportunity to talk with him and hear his thoughts in a very open, casual and relaxing atmosphere.

Team 4 and Jakob Riis looking sharp!

As a graduate group we have also gotten to know each other much better in the latter weeks, both through social gatherings outside of work and the activities we have in the program. Beyond the meeting with Jakob Riis, additional business unit presentations and lunches we also had a team building event at one of Falck’s fire stations. Here we experienced firsthand some of the things our firefighters are exposed to. We experienced how it is to crawl around in a dark and confined area in full equipment, to be up close with fire and how to use heavy machinery to open up a car and get potential patients out. All in all, a very good day where we had a lot of fun.

Firefighters for a day!

I have been so happy about my first weeks in Falck, my own department and the graduate program. The learning curve simply keeps getting steeper (and more interesting 😉) every time I understand another aspect of the business. I look forward to the coming weeks where we get our mentors assigned and go off-site for a personal training workshop.

Best Falckoners regards,


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