Landing in style

Dear 2020 GP candidate,

You are probably thirsty for a taste of the daily activities at the headquarters from a Graduate Perspective. Every graduate journey is very different so I will do my best to mix a cocktail of the different journeys with a personal twist.

The first day was held with the rest of the graduate team (all 6 graduates and Maria, who is Head of the Graduate programme). We served breakfast, had a few fun icebreaking & teambuilding exercises and got a tour of the house. After a delicious lunch at the cafeteria we moved on to more onboarding activities. Met a few of the outgoing graduates who shared their knowledge and experience, got through many practicalities and an overall introduction to the onboarding activities.

Tuesday was time to join our teams and get started. My first rotation started in the Business Development, in the Healthcare department. Being part of a team of 4 that had already a project waiting for me meant I got stepped into that promised steep learning curve from day 1. After being introduced by my manager to the different Healthcare departments and a few of the people I will be mostly in contact with. I also got my first assignment. Building a mock-up for a mobile application.  With my first deadline by the end of the week I have spent my days learning by doing while slowly being more and more familiar with the environment.

We rounded off week 1 with a joint meeting where we got a deep dive into the Falck brand and media presence. By the end of the day we had another opportunity to mingle and update the rest of the graduate team on our first week experiences.

Upon returning to my desk, my dear colleagues decorated my table. They thought I might come to miss my fellow graduates so they printed a lovely group picture we took on day 1. A very sweet gesture that definitely put a big smile on my face.

Week 2 continued in the same high tempo with small assignments, meetings and a lot of learnings.

Unlike week one, part of the team was away (which was not uncommon for the other graduates as well). This meant more agency in terms of determining the daily routine and pace. New faces, new ideas and a lot of networking.

With time my own department is becoming more and more familiar and routines started to slowly fall into place.

Towards the end of the week I had the pleasure of meeting some of the stakeholders in the project I have been assigned which was a very motivating and pleasant experience. Having the opportunity to meet the people who will be directly affected by the work we do definitely gave me a boost of energy and confidence.

We rounded off the week with more graduate activities, business unit presentations, laughs, lunch and a new Friday Graduate tradition a Trivia quiz! Can’t wait for next week to start because on Monday we are all going to be observers on an Ambulance shift together with our diligent front liners.

Have a lovely weekend!

Over and out!

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