First year’s retrospective: Celebrating a year as a Falck Graduate

1 year. 5 countries. 3 roles. Lots of great teams. Countless inspiring moments.

During a rainy day in Norway, and pretty much caught in the heat always have things going, it hit me: It’s been a year since I have started as a Graduate in Falck! Then I paused for 10 minutes to reflect on what this journey has brought me and how much I have changed, personally and professionally. I find it easy to go with the flow and get caught in a fast-moving cycle as a Graduate, but I have learnt that times of self-reflection are just as valuable as always being on the go, making things happen all and follow the wave. So, I will use this opportunity to tell a bit about my biggest learnings.

The Falck people

In Falck, we take pride in what we do and what our frontliners do. Personally, I find it so inspiring and feel grateful to have met colleagues that go far and beyond to help people in emergency situations, and even more, save lives. It’s humbling yet rewarding to experience the level of empathy and dedication Falck people all around the world put into their daily work, and I really think that’s what gives a particular sense of belonging.

The Graduate team has become a family

What I really believe is special about the Graduate program in Falck, is the close relationship that is formed between the Graduates. The program only takes 5-6 fresh grads every year, so the setup is more intimate and closer rapports can be developed. From the very start in the Onboarding throughout all the rotations, the program is tailored to create a shared experience, with a safe space for growth and development based on trust and active feedback. In this program expect to get more than co-workers and a knowledge base. Expect to get a handful of friends and priceless moments, which I deem to be unique in a work-related context. I am very grateful for the awesome colleagues I have in the program, and I would like to thank them for all the good times and learnings. It would have been different without you Valerie, Regine, Aksel and David! 😊   But all this would not have been possible without the Head of the Graduates, Maria Alm, which is more the heart of the Graduates. Thank you, Maria for making everything happen. You are simply outstanding!

The steep learning curve

Besides connecting within the team to a whole different level, the Graduate journey keeps on its promise on a steep learning curve and challenging tasks. From the very beginning I was “dropped” into the real business environment, with great responsibility and freedom to make my own way through the challenges and outcomes. To be more specific, in my first rotation I had the opportunity to be exposed to two different roles that were essentially different: as a project assistant, dealing mostly with Project Management tasks-and as Junior Processs Owner, dealing with documentation and reviwing financial processes. As a Graduate in Falck, you are given both the credibility and responsibility to address burning platforms, while you are being supported through achieving the desired results. For example, in our first rotation, besides being involved in our dedicated departments, we had to come up with an Onboarding platform for Falck. It’s worth mentioning that the Graduate projects given in Falck, are not a “nice to have” kind of work, but actually real challenges the company needs to address. Luckily, our team’s project was implemented in Denmark, with global scalability for the future. It’s a great feeling to know you were part of something that makes other people’s lives better and easier.

I see the Graduate program in Falck a sort of an explorer experience. Having no predefined tracks, opens the doors for endless possibilities in terms of what you can be exposed to in the 2 years. In one year, I have worked in three completely distinct tracks, that required different skills and of course, have given me access to different knowledge, people and insights. For someone who is curious, likes change and the exciting opportunities of the unknown, I am happy to have chosen this career path.

On a closing note, here’s me on the first hike EVER in Norway-this was definitely personal challenge as it was both the first time I went on a long mountain hike and I had a set goal to make it in half the average time. : )

/// Iulia

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