Meet the new global graduate team

From left: Mengdi, Lisa, Philip, Cornelius, Maria and David.

This week we welcome our fourth team of graduates to Falck. They will spend the next two years getting to know our organisation by moving between different positions, business units and markets, and we are very happy to have them onboard. Learn more about the six graduates here. 

Cornelius Florea – Falck Healthcare
Cornelius is originally from Rumania and has a double degree as Master of International Business from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada and a Master of Science in Diversity and Change Management from Copenhagen Business School. Cornelius will start his rotation in Falck Healthcare working with business development. 

Lisa Heider – Global HR 
Lisa is German, but has completed her studies at Copenhagen Business School, where she did her master’s degree in Diversity and Change Management. She will join the Global HR team and work with leadership and organisational development for her first rotation in Falck.  

Maria Wegenke – Global IT 
Maria is from Poland and did her bachelor’s degree in London. After spending a year in Germany, she moved to Denmark and completed her master’s thesis in Strategy Organization and Leadership at Copenhagen Business School. Maria will be working with data and insights in Global IT. 

Mengdi Xu – Business Assurance  
Mengdi is Chinese and did her undergraduate studies in Applied Math-Economics at Brown University in the US. She just completed her master’s thesis in Economics from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany. Mengdi will do her first rotation in Business Assurance. 

Philip Gram – Falck Assistance Nordic
Philip is from Denmark, and recently finished his master’s degree in International Marketing and Management from Copenhagen Business School. He will be working in Falck Assistance Nordic with commercial management. 

David Stylsvig Madsen – Ambulance DK
David, who is also Danish, has a master’s degree in Business Administration from Aarhus University. For his first rotation, he will primarily be stationed in Farum, where he will assist the managing director in the Capitol Region. However, he will be at Copenhagen HQ once a week, working on a project with the other graduates. 

From left: David, Philip, Maria, Mengdi, Lisa and Cornelius.

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