Congratulations, graduates!

From left: Stine, Mark, Kristine, Pim and Jonas.

Today, our five Falckoners from team 2 graduate. They have completed their two-year programme with Falck and are ready to fly the nest. They will not be going very far though, as they are all continuing in different positions in Falck. 

We have had a brief talk with the graduates about what they have been doing the last two years, what their new roles will be and what they have learnt along the way. 

Stine Karoline Simonsen 

Stine started in Falck’s Global Strategy office, where she was part of Project North Star (Falck strategy), assisted the healthcare transformation and was project manager for Falck Global Meeting. Her second rotation sent her to Previa Digital (Falck Healthcare) in Sweden driving digital-related projects. For the last eight months, Stine has been back in Copenhagen HQ helping Falck Healthcare Denmark with the healthcare transformation from a Commercial Excellence perspective and providing executive support. She will continue in that role going forward.  

What has been your biggest learning? 

“My most valuable experience has been my managers, who I have learned exceptionally much from. Both from experiencing how they work and get a mandate to learn by myself. It has been a big privilege to have managers that have helped set me up for success.”  

Mark Brinch Nissen 

Mark’s first placement was in the Ambulance Operational Excellence department at Copenhagen HQ. He then moved to the US, initially continuing in the Operational Excellence department but quickly moving over to support the CEO of Falck USA. He continued in this role for the 3rd rotation, ending with a short stint in the Ambulance Strategy Office in Copenhagen this summer. Mark has just returned to the US and will continue as Chief of Staff for Falck USA.  

What experience has taught you the most? 

“Working closely with Matt Gallagher in the US has been a very important learning experience. Not only because of the insights into our US operation, but also learning about the American healthcare system and understanding the differences in work culture and communication.”  

Kristine Reinhold Jakobsen 

Kristine’s first placement was with Global HR in Copenhagen working to prepare Falck for GDPR through change management and communication. Her second rotation was with Falck Ambulance UK, working as change lead on Operational Excellence system implementations. Kristine then moved back to Copenhagen HQ, where she has been working on the rebranding and Employer Branding projects within Global Branding and Communications. She will stay on as Global Brand Manager supporting the rebranding project for the next three months. 

What experience has been the most valuable during your time as a graduate? 

I gained the most insight during my time in London where I gained a thorough understanding of how we run and optimise our ambulance business, plus I got to interact closely with our B2G clients in my role as change lead. Generally, it’s been exciting and a steep learning curve to be part of steering the business in the right direction over the last two years. One day, I’ll be able to look back and say that I was part of the Falck transformation! 

Pim Floris van den Oetelaar 

Pim started in Falck Global Assistance in Copenhagen HQ, where he worked on new technology and robotics in travel assistance processes. For his second rotation, Pim moved to Falck Helse in Oslo, Norway, where he primarily worked with a booking-app for physical treatment and various other IT-related projects. His last rotation saw him back in Copenhagen in Falck Healthcare, working with process analysis and development of temporary apps and robots. Pim will be staying in Business Development in Healthcare to work on more apps, robots and the general practical IT landscape of Healthcare.  

What has been the biggest take-away for you during the last two years? 

Sometimes you just have to do it like Cato the Censor and mention what your ambitions are at any occasion possible, and at some point, someone might just have the same idea. 

Jonas Thoft Haugaard 

Jonas’ first rotation was in FAN, where he was part of starting and developing a new Nordic Commercial unit focused on the indirect markets. His biggest project was to uncover the eCall technology, the EU regulation around it and its potential for Falck. He then relocated to Barcelona, where he was responsible for deploying Cornerstone across three Spanish entities FGA, AMB and IFS. His final rotation has been in the Office of the CIO, working on an IT transformation project meant to uncover our complete IT landscape globally and centralize it. He will continue on as project lead and later transition to the Data and Insights department to work with digital innovation. 

What experience has brought you the most insight? 

“I cannot single out one experience. Generally, each of my rotations have showed me practically how different parts of a transformation can be carried out: reorganisations in FAN, system roll-out in Spain and global centralisation in IT. Most importantly, I’ve learned that people are always at the centre of such changes, and you need the right people onboard at the right time to accomplish changes in a good way. Going forward, I will continue to work on how to do this in the best possible way.”

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