Shared blog post – Going international – shared blog post

Shared blog post – Going international – shared blog post

Recently we have received some information that we have been a recurring topic of conversation: our placements during our second rotation!

Read more about our individual placements below:

Regine – Going to the USA

All since we started the Graduate program in September, I’ve been very excited about the second rotation, and I could rarely wait to get to know where Falck would send me, what business unit and work I would be assigned. Now it is official, and I am going to Falck’s main office in the US, which is placed in Orange County, California.

While I am excited about spending the next eight months in sunny California, I am even more excited about the actual project I will be working on within the Ambulance business unit. Being a global initiative rolled out from Falck DK, my main responsibility will be to lead parts of the implementation of the Global Business Quality and Risk Management program in the US.

With this project I will for sure be challenged in many ways, both in terms of my knowledge skills of processes and Quality Management, but also in terms of my ability in approaching and training people across different organizational levels, all from frontline to management. I believe this will give me extremely beneficial learning opportunities, both professionally and personally, and I am thrilled with the opportunity to make an actual impact on Falck’s future and to get know a new side of our business.

When that is said, working abroad is completely new for me, which of course makes me a bit nervous. Despite living abroad several times through exchange, I believe this will be very different where especially my social life be challenged. However, looking at the bright side – I guess this is a great chance to try out new team sports and enter a bar alone for the first time!

Iulia – Going to Norway

They say: “Time flies by when you’re having fun!” and I feel the same way half way through to my 1st rotation in Global Business Services department. It’s been 6 months since I started as Falck Graduate and I feel like I have grown professionally and personally way beyond 6 months. During this time, I have had the opportunity to travel to exotic lands, such as Miami, be able to have an immediate and visible impact on the business and take on various roles and responsibilities. It is also always humbling to know that the work I do, does not only have an economic impact, but we actually are able to work towards saving and improving more lives.  It’s been a ride and I loved it!

Soon is it time for us to leave our nests and “fly” to our new Falck homes abroad for our second rotations. The program is structured in 3 rotations, out of which one is abroad. And I am going to…Norway! The project I have been assigned to is very interesting, with lots of learning outcomes and responsibilities. It is also one of the key projects in Falck’s Transformation Journey in 2019 and I am excited to come closer to the business during this rotation as I have been in a Global function so far.

While I am looking forward to the experience, I am also a bit nervous about starting fresh in a new role, new country and new colleagues. Personally, I have been doing this many times throughout my life, but every time it feel different to settle into a new place. However, it’s always about the journey and not the destination, right?

On a closing note, I am looking forward to the future and I feel I am ready for new opportunities and challenges ahead in my second rotation as a Falck Graduate!

Valerie – Going to Colombia

Being a graduate in Falck can take you unexpected ways… And my second rotation is definitely no exception as I’m going to Colombia! This means that starting from May, I will be a Project Manager and part of the Business Development team in our Latin American HQ in Medellin – and I couldn’t be more excited!
Having been part of the Ambulance Strategy Office for almost 6 months now, I feel that I have learned a lot when it comes to strategy formulation and our global ambulance business. At the same time, I also look forward to taking this knowledge and contributing to our business on a more local level. To me, the best part is that I will be able to work more with the implementation side of strategy, while also having the opportunity to create value to one of core operations abroad.

Of course, moving to Latin America – a new environment in terms of culture as well as language – is not going to be easy. Especially since there’s so much here in Copenhagen that I will miss. But I know that this experience will be incredibly valuable to my personal and professional development. And sometimes, the best learning experiences are those which are completely unexpected.

Aksel – Going to Spain

The opportunity to join a Falck office in another part of the world has been something I have been dreaming of since I started. In May that dream will come true as I begin my second rotation in Falck Valencia.

I will join one of Falck’s most interesting and unique business units: Industrial Fire Services. IFS provide tailored fire safety services for high-risk industries such as airports, nuclear power plants, factories and more. My project will revolve around implementation of a new shared operational system across the local sites. This means I will spend some time traversing the scenic landscape of Spain and visiting our clients to ensure a smooth adaption of the new system.

I am excited to further develop and grow in this role, but also to strengthen the relationship with our clients and enable them to work more efficiently with the new operational system. Personally, I am very eager to return to Spain. Having spent a semester in Sevilla during my studies, I am ready to brush up on my Spanish vocabulary and tapas-sampling skills!

David – Going to the USA

I’ll be travelling with Regine to Falck USA’s head office in Orange Country, California. Same office, but very different projects. I am going to be working with the Procurement Team, establishing new end-to-end processes for almost everything Falck buys – ambulances, medical equipment, uniforms. While I could never have predicted before I started at Falck that I’d ever work in procurement (and be incredibly excited about doing it) it is so clear the role has been established with me and my professional journey in mind. In my first rotation in Global HR I have been really pushed to develop excellent communication skills, and begun to develop some basic project management skills. Now I am going to a team that is excellent at project management and could use some support on the communication side of things. This gives me a nice balance of contributing with the skills I now have, while being given the opportunity to massively develop personally and professionally – which I think is an accurate summary of the opportunities the graduate programme gives in general.

Thanks to the thought the graduate team has put in to our rotations, by the end of the programme the different rotations will have slotted together and built upon each other to mould me into a valuable member of almost any team in Falck. While it feels crazy right now to look ahead that far, this has got me thinking about my third rotation and my long-term future here already.

Obviously that is already pretty special, but getting be in California while I go on that development journey is a huge bonus. The Skype calls I have already had with my manager have made me feel super welcome before I have even got there, and thanks to the many google searches (Kayaking! Disneyland! Beaches! Endless sun!) I cannot wait to get there – and seemingly every friend I have ever had I have cannot either, considering how many have told me they are planning holidays to come visit. a new role, new country and new colleagues. Personally, I have been doing this many times throughout my life, but every time it feel different to settle into a new place. However, it’s always about the journey and not the destination, right?

On a closing note, I am looking forward to the future and I feel I am ready for new opportunities and challenges ahead in my second rotation as a Falck Graduate!

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