Project work – from theory to practice

As part of our first rotation, we are assigned a group project concerning a current business issue at Falck. Coming straight from university, where business cases are mainly based on heavy theory and strategic models, the opportunity to bring theory into practice and see your solution through, is something I especially looked forward to.

The opportunity to contribute to Falck’s strategic journey

When we started in Falck, we knew that the company was on a major journey to become a more standardized, global company – and the graduate project provides us with a great opportunity to contribute to this strategic transformation.

Throughout the project we are given the full responsibility to plan, research and design a practical solution that can be implemented on a global scale. This has not only given us a clear understanding of what it is like to be part of a multinational company, but it has also allowed us to test some of our less commonly used language skills when reaching out to stakeholders in our businesses abroad.

Developing project management skills in a cross-functional team

It has now been almost two months since we started the project work and so far, it has been an exciting period filled with great learnings and a lot of fun, but also challenges.

While we expected that our different personalities and working styles could influence our collaboration, we soon realized that this would not be our major problem. Rather, it was our time management and calendar optimization skills that were challenged. As the project runs on top of our individual responsibilities, finding the right balance between which tasks and meetings to prioritize, as well as manage expectations and scheduling sessions where all five of us could attend, have so far been the main obstacles that we are still working on.

However, besides getting a reality check of how a hectic every day can look like, I believe the best part of the graduate project is the close relationship and learnings you build together and how you get to develop your own skills as part of a close-knit group. Already at our first project meeting we decided to assign a project manager for each month, which means that all of us at some point will be in charge and drive the project for a while. Along with the role as a project manager, we also scheduled feedback session where we share our thoughts around the project manager’s performance, best practices and improvement areas. From this we do not only get to learn from each other, but also to test and develop our individual project management skills.

While it has only been two months, we already feel that we have developed as individuals and as a team. We really look forward to developing a final solution, which will not only be presented to the executive management in April, but also put into practice in Falck and its global businesses – wish us luck!

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