Inside the Ambulance Strategy Office

When was the last time you tried something new?
Three months into my graduate journey in Falck, my answer is: every day.

In my first rotation, I’m part of the Ambulance Strategy Office. That means for the next 8 months, I work with strategy in one of the largest and most global business units in Falck.

When I found out that my first rotation would be here, I was really excited. After having spent countless hours studying business frameworks in the library, I was ready to use all that theory and finally put it into practice – and I knew that this was the right opportunity!

A steep learning curve

Working here, I quickly learned one thing: no matter how many hours you’ve spent studying it, it’s completely different to work with strategy in the ‘real’ world.
In your studies, strategy often means using the same abstract theories time and again, but in practice, no day here is the same. My tasks vary a lot and even the ones that seem similar always involve different inputs, stakeholders or deliverables.

What I like about this is that I get to know the business from a lot of different angles while also working with material that gives me insight into many different processes and even very high-level decisions.
This is the right place to learn a lot of new things – and to learn them fast.

One of my highlights: Teambuilding day at our fire training site in Randers. Who else can say they have rescued their colleague from a burning house?

The opportunity to challenge yourself

Working in the Ambulance Strategy Office is new and exciting, but it’s also fast-paced and demanding.
In my first weeks, I worked closely with a colleague on an M&A related project. Together, we established the baseline for a discussion that would decide the future of one of our global markets. This was quite challenging for me as I had never worked within M&A before, but I also wanted to give my best since our work was very important for our stakeholders.

In strategy, everything you work with has an impact on high levels of the organization and your analyses, business cases and materials often form be the basis for making some of the really big decisions. That’s a lot of responsibility and trust that is placed in you.
Because of this, it’s good to know that my tasks are always tailored to me and that my manager makes sure I get the right help, feedback, and support so that I can learn new things without being overwhelmed. This way, I can’t fail, unless I’m not trying.

And I like all the new things I get to try! Right now, I’m part of the strategy formulation process for one of our businesses. It’s super exciting to get to know an entire industry as well as its different markets and it motivates me to know that our work will have an impact in defining its future growth.

So, what’s my biggest learning after three months as a graduate in Falck?
Trying something new may sometimes be challenging, but it’s also extremely rewarding.

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