My adventure in the Nordics

“If you can DREAM it, you can DO it.” -Walt Disney 

Thinking back on my dream career wishes some years back, I could retrace that I have always wanted a job where I would be empowered to be self-driven, challenged and be able to learn new things every day. And of course, travel! When I applied for the Graduate Program at Falck, there was a promise for all of this, and 1 month and a half in, everything has been delivered. Always a good thing, right? For the past couple of years Falck is undergoing a massive transformation on all organizational levels and across all countries we are present in, which will engage you in day to day job tasks which you will not stumble upon in a regular job.

One aspect I particularly love about this Graduate program is the fact that there are no predefined tracks, which did not only was perfect for myself as a generalist, but it allows you to explore your future careers’ options. For me it was rather important to explore some departments and different business units in order to figure out what’s the best fit for me. Being able to do this also allows you as a Graduate to know the company on a totally different level and create connections everywhere in the company.

My first rotation takes place in Global Business Services, which is sub-function of Global Finance, and here we are the engine of the biggest transformation in Denmark so far, which is super exciting and fast-paced. Currently I am on the Project Role track, which means I get to travel a lot in order to coordinate and supervise activities on-site, and so far, my job has taken me to Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm.  As a Graduate you are given tasks that will challenge and that will grow you both professionally and personally, but you’ll never be left alone, because we also see it as a learning journey where both you and your managers & mentors will contribute to your development.

Being a curious at heart, I love to explore new places and meet new people with whom I can share and build new experiences because it keeps me grounded and open-minded to the world, which is always a good personality trait to have if you are considering this program. We are a global company with a mission and vision to understand and help people wherever they, whoever they are, thus going out of you comfort zone and be an explorer is part of the job and I love it!

And because I have a passion for graphics and expressing my experiences through video & pictures, I have made a short film which best describes my experience travelling as a Graduate at Falck.


Thanks for watching and stay tuned! More to come..

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