Day Four: Career-Management

Day Four began with each of us working in our own departments. For me, that included shadowing my manager and joining him in meetings where I would try and understand what was going on and ask as many questions as possible. Afterwards we sat down and went over some of the specifics of a project I would be working on in the coming weeks. It was very helpful to get an overview of some of the tasks I had before me and learn my manager’s perspective on what was expected of me.

Discussing the project and why it needed to be done gave me a better understanding of just how complex an organization Falck really is. Before applying for the graduate programme, I remember my perception of Falck was that of a traditional Danish company with a clear focus on helping people. While that is still true, it has also become clear to me just how globally Falck operates, how far-reaching our services are and in how many various ways we help different people and industries.

After lunch, all the graduates were invited to a workshop with Falck’s HR Development Director who gave us some insights on career management. He shared with us some learnings for how to contribute when you are just starting out (and don’t really know anything yet!) and gave us tips and suggestions for how to use each other, previous generations of graduates, our managers and our mentors.

As part of Falck’s graduate program, each of us have been assigned a mentor who volunteered to take one of us under their wings and provide guidance, insights from a lengthy career and perhaps a shoulder to cry on when things get though. While each of our mentors are from different departments, they all hold senior positions within Falck and have experience from various positions across geographies and industries. Additionally, it is also clear that they share a genuine interest in helping us grow – both professionally as well as personally.

At the time of writing, each of us have only had our first introductory meeting with our mentors, so we have yet to see how their knowledge will help and guide us, but we know from previous generations of graduates that mentors have often helped their mentees with identifying learning opportunities, introducing connections between graduates and relevant people from other departments and suggestions for projects to explore abroad in the second rotation.

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