The First Day at Falck

The purpose of these blogs is to give future candidates an insight into what the graduate programme is actually like. As the first week or so is crazy busy, Aksel and I thought we should give you a breakdown of the real feelings we had and activities we got up to, day by day, for those essential first few days.

So let us start at the beginning. Day one. The very first morning. There was quite a long time between being told in March that we were going to work at Falck, with some of us finishing up our master’s theses and some of us getting a nice summer holiday. Once our first day in September actually turned up we were all a mix of excited and nervous for finding out what we would actually be doing. Day one started with a breakfast and reminding who everybody else is – though as we had all got in contact with each other through LinkedIn over the summer so didn’t need that much reminding. Then we went through essential practical matters like getting our laptops and phones, setting up our email accounts, and laughing at whoever’s ID card had the worst photo (David’s). We also enjoyed a presentation detailing our extensive onboarding process. As you probably already know, in the graduate programme there are three different rotations of eight months each, of which the first is always in Copenhagen. Much of the first rotation is about getting used to Falck, and in order to do that we have a programme with presentations from each of Falck’s many different business units, so we begin to understand the company as a whole and more lively activities including firefighter training in week one, a shift on an ambulance in week two, a management retreat, all sorts.

The five of us posing on our first day

After getting the basics out of the way, two of the first batch of graduates came to talk to us. They had just finished their third rotations the previous Friday and were now in ‘real’ jobs at Falck. They were there to give us a no-holds-barred assessment of their time in the programme, and it was really nice to get a full assessment from people who have been through it all already, with loads of practical advice to make our time even better than theirs has been. The graduate scheme at Falck is very new, which makes it a learning process for both us graduates and for the company. Luckily it is clear that those in charge of it are very open to feedback. Not only have changed in our programme because of the feedback that previous graduates have given, but right from day one we have been asked what is working for us and what isn’t and the programme is changing as we go through it to make sure it fits our needs.

A sneak peak to Day Three

After the morning introduction sessions we all went off for lunch with our own departments. I am working in Global HR and apart from one who had to prepare for a ‘very important meeting’, the whole Global HR department came along to get to know me. It really is amazing just how friendly everyone has been. A lot of companies talk about being a family and it doesn’t really mean much. Here is seems no one needs to say things like that because the environment is so warm and welcoming.

Upon returning from lunch, it turns out I was one of the participants in that very important meeting. There I found myself, sat at a small table between two members of Falck’s executive board just a few hours after walking through the door. While I won’t pretend I was confident enough to say much, it was clear that they were interested in what I did have to say. If the recruitment process and that morning’s introduction meetings had not made it clear, the Falck graduate scheme is very willing to give you responsibility if you are willing to take it. That is intimidating but incredibly exciting. Having now been briefed I went back to Global HR to be shown to my desk and given a couple more tasks before finishing up for the day.

Sneak peak to week three – meeting Jakob Riis.

We were definitely dropped in the deep end as promised but after all of this I felt very ready for a slightly less intimidating Day 2 and ready for the next two years! If you would like to keep updated on what we are doing (and see what you could be doing next year!), follow us on Instagram @falckoners and keep reading these blogs. If you want to get in contact with the graduates with any questions, feel free to send us a message through Instagram.



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