Meet the Third Batch of Falck Graduates

David – upper left

David just graduated from Copenhagen University with a master’s degree in Security Risk Management. He is originally from the UK and will work in Global HR. David isn’t entirely new to the ambulance business, having worked previously as an emergency call handler. David feels strongly that he wants to contribute something to the world. He explains: “It is important for me to feel like I am making a difference and be proud of what I’m doing. I think that is what drew me to Falck; its values of helping people.” He sees one of his personal strengths as being great at motivating teams to strive towards a common goal.

Regine – bottom right

Regine, who is Norwegian, graduated from Copenhagen Business School with a master’s degree in International Marketing and Management. She will be working in Falck Assistance Nordic with Commercial Marketing. She thinks of herself as dedicated and a bit nerdy when it comes to processes and projects and likes to structure a plan and see it through. She says: “What I’m looking forward to the most is being part of the new changes and strategy in Falck. I am very open to trying different tasks and seeing different areas of the company. I travelled abroad a lot when I was younger, so I am especially happy about the international rotation.”

Valerie – bottom left

Valerie also just graduated from Copenhagen Business School with a master’s degree in Diversity and Change Management. She is originally from Germany and will be working in the Ambulance Strategy Office. Valerie has experience from the pharmaceutical industry and believes that it is important to work in a company that has a strong purpose. Because of that, she identifies with Falck’s values. “I am really excited to be part of a company that is going through so many changes. I look forward to getting to know the business from the inside and being part of shaping its future”, Valerie explains.

Iulia – middle

Iulia from Romania graduated from Aalborg University with a master’s degree in International Business and Economics. Her new position will be in Global Finance. In her own words, one of her personal strengths is that she has a high degree of adaptability to different tasks. “I have a pretty diverse background and a generalist profile. It definitely surprised me just how big the company is, which makes me even more excited to learn more and create relations in different parts of the world”, she says.

Aksel – upper right

Aksel, who is from Denmark, graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration and Organizational Communication from Copenhagen Business School. He will work with Business Development in Falck Healthcare. Beyond anything else, he considers himself a team-player and can’t wait to work with different areas of the business. “Not being tied to one business area for the entirety of the programme doesn’t scare me. I know there will be a safety net and guidance for us. I think it will give us the chance to experience things we might not have gotten otherwise”, says Aksel.

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