From EMT to Graduate

I started my new career in Falck on September 1st, 2017, feeling excited and looking forward to work for Falck again. I had previously worked 7 years as an Emergency Medical Technician (ambulance-behandler in Danish) for Falck, where I started my training at 20 years old. Those first 7 years had been a great learning experience, and influenced my personal development in a very positive way. I was hoping to have the same great experience again.

I was placed in the Operational Excellence team within Falck Emergency, which gave me the opportunity to use my experiences from my time on the ambulance. I was also fortunate enough to be near one of the core areas of Falck, as Emergency is the largest business area and on the verge of innovating its processes and systems to a global standard.

To support those changes, I became a part of the change management team, as well as other project-oriented process tracks. I was surprised of how international my new team was. Out of 11 people only 2 were Danish, my boss was Dutch and the rest of the team included 3 other nationalities from Europe. This of course makes sense taking Falck’s global reach into consideration, but it is still not what most people expect. The international environment helps everyone to think in a global context, and ensures that our work can be understood in more than 40 countries. This came in handy after about 6 weeks, when I travelled to London and visited the UK office, providing me with a better understanding of how different the business environment can be.

Shortly after I started in September, all the graduates were invited to a 3 day visit to Esbjerg, on a personal development course and to visit the Safety Services training facilities. Before our trip to Esbjerg, we had all completed a personality test called the Enneagram. The course gave insights into the possible strengths and weaknesses of each type. This was followed by several group discussions where we compared our own understanding of our self, with the personality traits emphasized in the Enneagram model. We also discussed the importance of each type in a team, how to work together and our development areas going forward. This was valuable insight into the areas where I could improve, and how I could contribute to my team. I was positively surprised by the fact that they saw a benefit in providing us with this experience, and enjoyed the focus on personal development. This is supported by the fact that each graduate is paired with a mentor – something you can read more about in Jonas’ blog “Mentorship – one of the perks of being a graduate”.

It has been great first 3 months, and I am sure I will have many more opportunities to learn and grow with Falck.


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