Mentorship – one of the perks of being a graduate

Like the rest of the 2017 graduate batch, I am now half way through my first rotation in Falck. My Falck journey has started in Falck Assistance Nordic (FAN), which provides road side assistance to people across the Nordics, both to our own customers (direct market) and on behalf of clients like car manufacturers and insurance companies (indirect market). I am part of a Nordic team that works to design and deliver commercial best practices for dealing with our clients in the indirect market and run development projects for improving our offerings to them.

Since it is my first full time corporate job, I am often faced with situations unlike anything I have tried before and with no or few prior experiences to pull on. Luckily, I get a lot of support from my manager and team in such situations, but sometimes it is nice to engage in another type of sparring. This brings me to the focus of this short blogpost, namely the mentorship which is one of the perks of being a Falckoner graduate.

Each of us has been matched with a highly-experienced mentor from management.  In a Falck context, a mentor is someone who is willing to share knowledge, experiences and advice to spark learning for you as a graduate. The mentors follow you throughout the entire graduate program, but it is up to you to decide on the extent of your interaction. You are always responsible for setting the time and agenda for the meetings, then the mentor does his or her best to guide and help.

My mentor is Niels Thorup, who is the COO of Falck Healthcare. So far, he has already put me in contact with valuable connections within the organisation – people whom I share interests with or can spar with. He has later provided me with advice on presentation techniques and has sparked ideas for potential destinations and projects in my second rotation. Most importantly, he has provided me with a room for reflecting on how I can bring my background into my job, provide value in my current setting and how to develop throughout the entire graduate program, both professionally and personally.

Having a mentor is just one of the perks of being a Falckoner graduate. Check out some of the other blogposts to read about others.

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