The first three months – getting to know Falck as a graduate

Currently I have worked at Falck for almost three months, and already I have met with people from top management to front liners who have all helped me learn what Falck is really all about.

When I applied for the graduate programme, I remember thinking of Falck as a large, Danish company with a traditional backbone, commonly known for its roadside assistance, ambulance rescuers and firefighters, and I found the idea of supporting such a purpose quite appealing. As I discovered, this is a major part of what Falck is about, but I never would have anticipated the international scope and the complexity of the business that I’ve gotten to know today!

To me, the Falck DNA can be divided into two; firstly, you have the history of Falck which is over 100 years old, and for a long time the business model has been built on empathy and benevolence, which I think also shows from how helpful people working here are. I currently work with change management in Group HR with a project that is going to affect how all employees work, so I am drawing on a lot of help from stakeholders across divisions and business areas, and here I feel no limitations to the help I am receiving from colleagues regardless of positions, time and resources on their behalf.

The other part of Falck’s DNA is in its future opportunities. Falck is a business that in the past years has grown exponentially, and today, Falck operates in 45 countries world-wide! But I have learned that Falck’s growth has also created a lot of complexity, and I find myself continuously learning how and where we operate at this point. I am excited to be part of realising the new strategy recently presented by top management, which will set the course for the future of Falck and solve some of the complexities that have arisen from recent growth.

I believe that it is an exciting time to be joining Falck as a graduate. Falck is in a transitional state, and as a recent graduate with the newest insights and knowledge, you may get the chance to really make an impact on the changes Falck is going through.

Personally, I know that I am excited for the learning and development opportunities I have ahead of me within Falck.

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