The new Falckoners are here!

The second round of Falckoner Graduates

The new Falckoners: Mark, Kristine, Jonas, Paulina, Pim, Stine

A year after our first four graduates (Helene, Hugh, Rasmus, and Caroline) entered Falck, our second wave of graduates—six this time out of more than four-hundred—have made it through the initial assessments. They have joined Falck from September in different positions and business streams. During the next two years, they will therefore get to know our organization by moving around between different positions and countries, and receive relevant education within Falck, in the preparation of becoming future leaders in Falck.

Mark attended Global Studies at Roskilde University and has worked on Falck ambulances before. By applying as a graduate, he wanted to come back to Falck in a very different role. From September, he will work in Emergency on change management, which for him, is a perfect place to start the programme: “I am very proud to be back with Falck, and in particular to be working in the Emergency branch, where I spent my first 7 years as an EMT. It has been almost 5 years since I left Falck in order to focus on my studies, and starting my new career in the same company completes the circle of my academic journey.”

Kristine just graduated from Copenhagen Business School with a master’s degree in International Business Communication and will work in Group HR. She looks very much forward to this and states: “I am very pleased to be working in Group HR for my first rotation of the graduate programme. Group HR is undergoing some significant changes, and I am excited to work with the team on the coming initiatives to best support the business as a whole.” She loves exploring cultures and travelling, which is great, since all graduates will go on to work in other countries and business areas after their first eight months.

Jonas also just graduated from Innovation and Business Development at Copenhagen Business School. There, he learned about design-focused thinking and improving services, and since Falck is a business of many different services, it seemed like a perfect fit. His new position will be in Falck Assistance, specifically the Nordic Commercial department. Jonas tells: “I consider my position an unique opportunity, and I’m certain that I will learn a lot. Nonetheless, I also hope to activate my specialised knowledge within innovation management and business development. I look very much forward to meeting all of my new colleagues.”

Paulina, who is originally from Poland, graduated from Copenhagen Business School in Finance and Strategic Management after completing her first master’s degree in Marketing at Warsaw School of Economics. Paulina then didn’t settle with one master, she saw the need for two. She tells: “The moment I met and talked to Falck employees for the first time during the Assessment Day I was sure that it was a company for me. Their enthusiasm and very open culture of sharing views and ideas impressed me and made me feel very comfortable. I am also motivated to dedicate my best knowledge and skills to the company, and I am happy I can finally combine my job with helping others on a daily basis.” From September, she will work in Safety Services.

Pim comes from the Netherlands, and has an education in Physical Geography and Ecosystems. That may have little to do with Falck and his new position, but Pim was specifically looking for a more human side to his work. Going home at the end of the workday, knowing that he did not only work for a salary but also made a difference in people’s lives matters a lot. From September on, he is working in Global Assistance, which he is very much looking forward to. He expresses: ”I’m very excited to be part of the programme, which for me feels like a good place to be right after university. FGA is a rapidly-growing organisation, and this will lead to many smaller and bigger challenges for me to learn from and to help solve in the coming eight months. I’m looking forward to experiencing the ‘Global’ part of FGA, in the sense of getting to know people from around the world and how they work together to help others.

Stine started a couple of months earlier than the others—in June. She studied Business Administration and Psychology and will be part of our brand new Group Strategy Office, that works with Falck’s new corporate strategy. She explains: ”I feel very privileged to start my career in the Falckoner Graduate Programme. As I see it, it is an unique opportunity to experience many different aspects of Falck and try out different roles that hopefully will help me develop and refine my skills.”

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