Expect the Unexpected! My first placement at Falck

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt so far at Falck it’s that the company will always surprise and challenge me.

This was true from the day I took the call to find out that my first 8 month placement was going to be in Falck’s Finance Department as part of the team in Group Controlling and Risk Management.

Coming from a generalist business Master’s degree and a career that began in politics, a job in Finance was not an obvious match! However, it has turned out to be a fantastic placement where I’ve been lucky to have learnt a huge amount, contribute to some important projects and also get stuck in with the team’s day-to-day work.

My main task in this placement has been to contribute towards the important projects that are underway in Group Finance. Falck has expanded at lightning pace over recent years but it’s now important to take reflect on where we are today and see how we can lay the foundation for the future. These projects have been a fascinating place to get started at Falck and have given me the chance to get to know every part of the company.

Alongside these projects, the major job that the team in Group Controlling undertake is visiting Falck locations all around the world to work with our businesses in different countries before reporting back on the local financial controls, as well as following-up on any changes that need to be made. This is a big task considering how diverse the company has become.

During my time here I’ve had the chance to travel out to one of Falck’s businesses in the UK to help with one of these controller visits which was a great opportunity to put some of the knowledge I have learnt into practice.

Aside from controlling my team also has responsibility for reporting on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility within Falck. This is the first year that Falck will be producing a stand-alone CSR report to demonstrate all the great work which goes on in this area. For me this has been a really good opportunity to get involved with drafting a significant report whilst also learning about Falck’s contribution to the societies in which we operate.

Finally, it’s been interesting to see how the risk management process in a company like Falck works and the importance of mapping the risks that could impact on the business.

All this combined with the day-to-day tasks that I contribute to as part of the team mean that it’s been a busy but really fulfilling start to my career at Falck.


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