International project work, dedicated rescue workers and inspiring NGO’s

I am doing my first rotation in Falck Emergency. Emergency is one of Falck’s most international business streams and is comprised of many different business models ranging from ambulance services, to industrial fire brigade management and medical clinics. This makes it a super interesting place to work as you are exposed to many different areas of the business from the beginning.

As a graduate in Falck Emergency, my job description reflects the diverse and dynamic nature of this business stream and my daily tasks vary a lot. Even though I spend most days in the office handling various administrative tasks, my work often brings me out of the Falck House to meet with external stakeholders, get my hands dirty in the operations or represent the organisation at meetings and conferences abroad.

During the first eight months, I am part of the small Modex Falck team that organises exercises for the EU civil protection mechanism. Together with my colleague in Rotterdam, we plan, organise and execute large scale training exercises to prepare EU rescue teams and experts for when they need to deploy to large-scale natural and man-made disasters at home or abroad.

From my little office in Copenhagen, I am in charge of the logistics for all our planning meetings and the exercises. Since, I am a bit of a perfectionist who appreciates order, schedules and planning – this is right down my alley and I love the challenge of getting everything to fit together and run smoothly.

During the field exercises, it is my job to make sure that coordination between all our partners, participanting teams and the exercise control centre is working well. It is a hectic and challenging environment to work in, as you are constantly exposed to a wide range of stakeholders and problems that needs fixing on the spot – but also a lot of fun!

When I am not working on our disaster management exercises, I spend a lot of my time working on our projects in  Africa. Currently, this mostly entrails collaboration on projects together with our NGO partner, BØRNEfonden. Through our partnership, we are training local health workers in Benin in first aid and maternal health, while we help build up a rural ambulance service to provide remote communities with access to health care clinics.

As I am also working on a business project together with the other graduates, I am often working on very different project at the same time. Initially I found it quite challenging to continuously adapt my mind-set to the different projects, but now I really enjoy the versatility.

I hope this gave you an insight into some of the tasks that can end up on you plate during your first rotation as a Falckoner!

/Helene Egebjerg

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