Let there be wind, let there be waves and let there be fire!

As you might have figured out already, life as a Falck graduate never gets boring so you need to be prepared to tackled new challenges everyday!

One of our first challenges was to get to know our personal strenghts and weakenesses. This brought us on a two day seminar to Hjerting, where we worked with the Enneagram personality test. It was very insightful but also quite challenging to work with personal fears and motivation. So after working on getting to know ourselves a bit better, we were ready for some action – and action we got at Falck Safety Services in Esbjerg!

At the training site in Esbjerg, we received a short introduction to Falck Safety Services’ global operations before we got the chance to explore the cool training facilities. In Esbjerg, Falck offers safety courses, offshore training and consultancy for clients in the oil and gas-, wind energy-, maritime- and other high-risk industries. This means that the center is filled with exciting and challenging training opportunities, some of which we got to try!

Fully equipped in our tightly wrapped orange survival suit and lifejackets, we jumped into the deep pool ready for our first rescue at sea exercise.

For us, this exercise was primarily a team building exercise were our collaboration and coordination skills were tested under stress. Our task was simple; stay together and leave no man behind in the storm. With rough wind conditions, thunder and pouring rain we had to swim through the darkness in the high waves to reach the survival craft without letting go of each other. The next challenge was then to board the lifeboat and take the right actions as passengers while we awaited the rescue helicopter. Finally, we had to use the helicopter rescue strops to be lifted from the survival craft into safety on the high platform.

After this exercise, we were all high on adrenaline and ready for more action in the outdoor fire training site. Here we received training to control and extinguish large fires with pressure hoses and foam.

What better way to end a seminar than with exhilarating challenges, action and new insights into the world of Falck Safety Services!

Helene Egebjerg

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