First week as a graduate

Hi all,
I would like to tell you a bit about my first week and how I was introduced to the department where I am currently halfway through my first rotation.

As mentioned in my first blog post, I am currently on rotation at Falck Healthcare. Prior to my first day of work, I had a short introductory meeting with my manager for the rotation. Besides getting to know each other, I was shortly introduced to Falck Healthcare itself and what type of projects I would primarily be working on. However, besides a very basic understanding, there were still a lot of unknowns when I showed up for my first day at Falck.

The priority of the first couple of weeks was to get a basic understanding of the services Falck Healthcare provides and how the company operates. This was done through meetings with managers from across the organization along with several field studies. I visited one of our health clinics in Copenhagen where I got to see some of the services that we perform first hand. I was also able to listen in on a couple of calls in our call center where people, who need assistance on different physical or mental related issues, can reach out to. It was very inspirational to visit our frontliners and get an insight into our services.

Some of my initial tasks demanded a certain degree of knowledge of the organization, while I could dive straight into others. Because of this there was a nice mix of getting to know the company better and actually contributing to concrete tasks.
While all this seemed really chaotic in the moment, it was well tailored to getting me up to speed as quickly as possible.

Best regards,
Rasmus Villadsen

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