Why I applied to becoming a Falckoner

I came across the program more or less by coincidence while I was looking for my first ‘real’ job after my studies. In fact, I wasn’t at all looking for graduate programs.

The first encounter was through Facebook, where someone in my network had shared the Are you a true Falckoner movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really must –and do make sure to go through all the options. I thought it was cheesy in a good way, but also a great manner to draw attention, and most importantly, to provide a small peek into the organization and its culture before applying.

The reason that I applied, was because this program seemed different to me than so many others. I liked the fact that there were no predefined job tracks, and no predefined applicant profiles. The fact that a match is made between business needs and your specific competences seemed perfect to me, especially since I have a somewhat atypical profile.

Another key argument was the fact that much weight was put on the importance of the graduates getting ‘out in the field’ and participating and observing at our front line on a regular basis. This is like a new adventure each time, and most of these adventures come with a great outfit too (see pictures)! But even more so, I thought it was great that Falck sees the benefit of their graduates getting a true and real-life understanding of what the business is about. Because really, how could you sit behind your desk acting clever, if you’re far away from where your actions ultimately have impact; in our operations and on our customers and front line employees?

Finally, –and I guess this is a no brainer– who wouldn’t want to identify with Falcks line of work? Our services span wide, but in the end, they all boil down to helping people out of trouble and dangerous situations, taking care of them afterwards, and preventing such situations in the first place. We’re solving some real problems for people out there. There’s something heroic about that, but in a humble way. I, for one, think that’s pretty cool.

Some of the nice outfits so far:

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