Falck and Furious Assessment Day – Part 2 and top tips

Lunch was definitely more of a working lunch situation. The first task in the afternoon was an individual business case presentation so the lunch ‘break’ was an important time to prepare your thoughts on the case as well as design a PowerPoint.

There were some tough questions being asked by the assessors during my presentation but, like the whole day really, it flew by and I was onto the final interview before I even realised what time it was.

The interview was the last opportunity to show your capabilities and reflect on how would fit into the Falck family. After a full-on day of business tasks it was great to have the chance to sell your own skills and personality to the assessors.

And before I knew it, I was on the train home again. A great – if busy – day and, whatever the outcome, a great way to get to know Falck.

Top Tips

  1. Expect the Unexpected – The Assessment day takes place in a working office environment so don’t expect much peace and quiet to be able to concentrate. My business case presentation was interrupted by the catering guys, who clattered in with a trolley to clear the coffee cups. So you’ll have plenty of good opportunities to show that you’re able to focus on the task at hand!

  1. Smile for the camera – The Falckoner team loves a GoPro! There will be many dotted about the office to capture the day so make sure to smile! You’ll also have a polaroid snap taken for the assessors to be able to recognise you. Don’t do what I did and close your eyes for this picture – it’s not a good look…

  1. Get in the Zone – You won’t have much time to gather your thoughts, and the themes of each task vary in a big way. On top of that, you will be working according to a different schedule to the other applicants. Make sure to focus on your own tasks and don’t get distracted.

  1. Keep your head up – The assessment day was carried out with fairness in mind. Each stage will be watched by different assessors so if you think one task didn’t go so well, you’ll have plenty more opportunities to show your skills as the day goes by.

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