Falck and Furious Assessment Day – Part 1

The clue’s in the name really!

It was fast, furious, challenging, fun. It was also warm (really warm). But looking back, it was a great way to demonstrate the skills you’ll use every single day whilst working at Falck.

You’ll meet lots of great people, receive a load of information and have plenty of work to do, often without much instruction.

You’ll also get through a load of coffee.

Like I said, pretty much a normal day at the office!

As soon as we arrived we were handed a folder with all the information we would need for the day including our individual schedules and details about where to be and what to prepare. Beyond the information in that folder we were on our own to decide how to manage our time and prepare for the challenges of the day.

First up was a teamwork exercise, which was a simple but challenging task designed to get you working with your fellow team members straight away.

But there was no time to get too comfortable… Within a few minutes of finishing the teamwork exercise we were sitting around a conference table with a new set of teammates engaging in a group discussion about a business case. Each person around their table had been given their own objectives so it was really interesting to see how the case progressed.

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